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Forged sculptures

Artistic forging, forged sculpture performed by masters of the OMI studio - it is always a work of art.

To create a forged sculpture, we use classical methods that use an anvil, various types of hammers and forges. Most often, a blacksmith uses materials such as steel, cast iron, copper, and less often brass and bronze. Forged copper sculptures are distinguished by their grace and subtlety, as well as their original red hue. Forged copper products are often used as elements of fountains, artificial ponds, and garden sculptures, since copper is a weather-resistant metal. Of course, over time it will oxidize, changing its color to green. But this will undoubtedly only give the sculpture more value and elegance.

Forged sculptures

Whereas forged steel sculptures require mandatory protective treatment or painting, because steel is very susceptible to corrosion, which literally destroys the sculpture. Steel is a less malleable metal; most often, sculptures made of steel are distinguished by an abundance of geometric shapes and technicality.  If we talk about cast iron forged sculptures, then their beauty and uniqueness – in the depth of black color, apparent massiveness and at the same time grace. Cast iron forged sculptures are little susceptible to corrosion, but require a special protective coating. Depending on what alloy the craftsmen use in their work, the price of the forged sculpture depends.

Masters of the OMI studio They approach the creation of sculpture creatively, sometimes using not only blanks in their works, but also metal waste, creating unique hybrid sculptures that participate in various exhibitions. We can also offer the customer to buy a forged sculpture from the catalog of finished works.

Forged sculptures

Studio "OMI" distinguishes an individual approach to each client. We produce products of the highest complexity according to the customer’s sketches, or an artist from the OMI studio works with the client. Our highly qualified specialists will tell the client which method is best to use to create a particular sculpture – forging or casting. Production workshops are located  in Kyiv, we accept orders from all over Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.

Making sculptures

Making sculptures
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Granite sculptures
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Forged sculptures to order. Artistic metal forging

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OMI studio news

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The Alley of Lovers is open in Kamenskoye.
On July 9, 2016, in Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk), on the occasion of the celebration of Family Day, the grand opening of the Alley of Lovers took place...
Memorial plaque to the director of the cult film “Chasing Two Hares”
Ordered by the film studio named after. A. Dovzhenko  masters of the OMI studio created a memorial plaque to the outstanding Ukrainian director Viktor...
Custom topiary sculpture is a great gift
Fashion for topiary appeared relatively recently on the territory of Ukraine, but very quickly these green sculptures won the hearts of people. And if...
Gift figurine “Family” order a cartoon figurine from a photo in the OMI studio
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