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Architectural layout

Not every person has a well-developed imagination. Or the ideas of the future object by the customer and the master do not coincide. Having a three-dimensional architectural layout before your eyes, you can clearly formulate what you like, what will harmonize, and what needs to be changed.

Custom architectural mockup

Before investing money in any production, construction, interior design, or sculptural creation, it is advisable to create an architectural model of the future project. This also applies to the creation of props, models, decorations, etc. The modern approach and talent of the specialists of the OMI studio's model workshop will allow you to create a three-dimensional architectural model of a residential building, a model of a complex, a model of an enterprise, a model of a factory, model of cottages, a model of a cottage village, an interior model, urban planning models, educational models for students, a landscape model , advertising layout, layouts of architectural structures and details that you can look inside and examine from all sides.

If necessary, the masters of the model workshop of the OMI studio, using the drawings, make a reduced model of the object from pvc, paper, cardboard, sculptural plasticine, plastic and other inexpensive materials at hand. Such architectural models allow the customer to visualize, create the effect of presence on the ground, in a future home, on a local area, evaluate the interior or an interior item, a showcase, etc. Also, the OMI company uses prototyping as the initial stage in creating the layout of sculptures, panels, reliefs.

Custom architectural mockup

Before movement begins on the project, all architectural models are finalized and approved by the customer. Making architectural models to order is a guarantee that future objects will be exactly the way the client wants them to be.

The layout workshop of the OMI company is an accomplished team of architects, designers, and artists that works with both large clients and small orders. Our work has developed over the years, so the production time for the layout is minimal. The model workshop's prices for work are minimal and do not depend on fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. We work on the principle: any order is an opportunity to gain additional experience, regardless of its volume. We work throughout Ukraine.

Architectural layout

Layout workshop, production of layouts.

Architectural layouts and models of residential buildings
Architectural layouts and models of complexes
Architectural layouts and models of industrial enterprises
Architectural layouts and models of factories
Architectural layouts and models of cottages
Architectural models and models of cottage settlements
Architectural layouts and interior models
Town planning layouts and models
Training mockups for students
Landscape mockups
Advertising layouts
Layouts of architectural structures and details
Development and creation of project documentation
Creating computer visualization

Custom architectural layouts.

Order an architectural layout

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