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Outdoor advertising AIRSYSTEM

The main engine of the outdoor advertising industry is the users for whom this advertising is intended, i.e. ordinary people. Being oversaturated with outdoor advertising leads to consumers simply stopping noticing it. Therefore, creative advertisers have to find more and more new effects that can attract people's attention.

But, as they say, everything ingenious is simple. The greatest accumulation of attention of any person is caused by movement. So why not use a natural phenomenon like wind to create a system that will allow you to organize the movement of images in outdoor advertising?

AIRSYSTEM technology

The OMI studio is one of the three in Ukraine that produces custom-made outdoor advertising structures using the unique AIRSYSTEM technology. This technology is the creation of images consisting of a large number of identical, lightweight elements mounted on a supporting structure. Any blow of the breeze (natural or artificially created) sets the elements in motion and the image comes to life - oscillates, flickers. The effect of AIRSYSTEM technology can be compared to the flow of a stream. This is a fascinating sight for the human eye.

AIRSYSTEM outdoor advertising elements can be glossy, matte, holographic; plain - silver, gold, any other color, or a system of different colors combined into a single image. The pinnacle of craftsmanship is an advertising photographic panel created using AIRSYSTEM technology. Due to the orderly placement of elements, the masters of the OMI studio will create any advertising drawing, company logo, or inscription to order.

AIRSYSTEM technology

The experience of our masters in laying mosaics on various surfaces, abstract thinking, training in the new AIRSYSTEM technology allows us to offer the client the creation of a moving image on any external and internal advertising surface - advertising boards, firewalls, signs, stands, walls of buildings and premises. Among other things, the masters of the OMI studio will be able to “build” a wall using AIRSYSTEM technology for parties, discos, etc.

The cost of this type of outdoor advertising will be more than recouped by the number of clients who responded to the effect of the AIRSYSTEM technology. We work throughout Ukraine and European countries.

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