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Rock gardens

Rock gardens

For owners of summer cottages and private houses, the masters of the OMI studio offer services for creating rock gardens (alpine slides). This is a kind of flower bed, the difference lies in the use of stones and slow-growing mountain plants of various heights in the design of the rock garden. This is a kind of wild nature of the Alpine mountains, only in a smaller version. In order for the rock garden to truly decorate your site, our craftsmen will recommend the best place to set up an alpine slide, in what frame it will look best, what shape it will be, how and what stones will look best, select a combination of plants and much more. In addition, an alpine hill can be made into a place of relaxation by installing benches next to it or right in it, setting up a small pond, fountain, or waterfall.

The masters of the OMI studio provide both consulting services on organizing an alpine slide and do all the work on creating a turnkey rock garden. The type, shape, plants, and recreation areas are necessarily discussed with the customer. After inspecting and assessing the site, a detailed plan for laying out the rock garden is drawn up. The soil for planting is prepared, stones are dug in, and plant species are selected.

The masters of the OMI studio are constantly improving their knowledge and skills, following fashion trends, new plant species, and types of rock gardens. The cost of work is determined depending on the complexity and volume of the order, however, the prices for the services of the OMI company are among the most affordable in Ukraine. State borders are not a limit for us; we work with customers from all over the world.


Rock gardens
Ponds, streams
Retaining walls


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