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The masters of the OMI studio made custom-made statues of angels

The masters of the OMI studio are engaged in the manufacture of custom-made monuments from marble, monuments from granite, plaster, and composite monuments. One of the latest orders was the production of a ritual sculpture in the form of two marble angels and landscaping of the burial site.

angel statues

“A customer approached us with a request to make a tombstone for two young people who died tragically. At the same time, he also provided material for future monuments - white marble. Usually we choose the material ourselves, since the master, upon receiving an order, always understands what he needs and is looking for exactly the blank that is suitable for realizing everything he has planned. In this case, we proceeded from the opposite: having a block, the master approved the images of angels with the customer. This is possible, but we immediately discuss all the risks with the customer,” said Bogdan Kazachenko, art director of the OMI studio.

angel statues

The work went in two directions: carving images of angels from marble and preparing a place for their installation. To prevent the monuments from tilting over time, a concrete pad was poured, on top of which white marble ritual slabs were installed, places were prepared for planting flower beds, and granite pedestals were installed. During the improvement, a marble fence was also installed around the burial site. In the fall, the statues were already installed on granite pedestals, and the landscaping of the burial site was completely completed.

angel statues

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