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“Tree of Paradise” - an unusual art object from the masters of the OMI studio

At the request of the sales department of the Paradise Avenue residential complex, the masters of the OMI studio created and installed the art object “Tree of Paradise” on the territory of the residential complex under construction. The opening of the sculpture is timed to coincide with the start of sales of apartments in the first stage of construction and is a projection of the biblical story about the first inhabitants of paradise.

tree of paradise

“In fact, thousands of different tree sculptures from all kinds of materials have already been created all over the world. The peculiarity of our work and at the same time the main difficulty is its execution. The wood is soldered from stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish - the joints are absolutely invisible,” said Bogdan Kazachenko, art director of the OMI studio.

tree of heaven< /em>

The craftsmen took natural wood as a prototype and tried to reproduce its outline in metal with all the branches and bends of the branches.

tree of paradise

The height of the art object is 4.5 meters, the polished stainless steel surface is covered with primer, the chrome is covered with paint and car varnish. The top of the tree is crowned with an apple covered in gold paint. All of the above allows us to talk about an almost eternal service life.

tree of paradise< /em>

“Despite the apparent simplicity of the sculpture, making the tree took a long time. It was a very labor-intensive and painstaking process. Nevertheless, “Tree of Paradise” left special feelings in our souls,” Igor Ascheulov, art director of the OMI studio, shared his impressions.

tree of paradise< /p>

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