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A bronze memorial plaque to the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Gnatyuk made in the OMI studio was installed in Kyiv

The memorial plaque to the legendary singer, People's Artist of Ukraine Dmitry Gnatyuk was made by the masters of the OMI studio. The artist’s relatives decided to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding singer, who is known to the general public as the performer of the songs “Two Colors” and “Kieve My.”

Bronze memorial plaque to the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Gnatyuk

They ordered the commemorative plaque from the OMI studio, where the product was completed on time. The memorial plaque is made of high quality bronze. This material perfectly withstands temperature changes and has good strength, which is ideal for outdoor conditions.

Bronze memorial plaque to the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Gnatyuk

A memorial plaque in honor of Dmitry Gnatyuk was installed on the facade of house No. 3 on Stanislavsky Street in Kyiv, where the famous artist once lived.

In the same house there is also a room-museum dedicated to the creative path of Dmitry Mikhailovich. The grand opening of the memorial plaque to the famous artist took place on February 28.

Bronze memorial plaque to the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Gnatyuk

Studio "OMI" offers the production of bronze memorial plaques to order.

Bronze memorial plaque to the Hero of Ukraine Dmitry Gnatyuk

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