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The night before Christmas or the holiday of Ukrainian art masters in the Carpathians

The friendly team of masters of the OMI studio is not stopped by even the most large-scale projects and complex orders in all areas of art, architecture, advertising, design and computer graphics. Mutual understanding, coherence in work and complete trust in each other, when everyone is responsible for their own area of ​​​​work and does it efficiently, allows you to always finish what you start and within the agreed time frame. Excellent relationships and team spirit carry over to the rest of the team.

Rest in the Carpathians

A tradition has arisen in the association of art masters of Ukraine: celebrating the Christmas holidays together. In 2015, the masters gathered together at the Bukovel resort to recharge with the energy of the Carpathians.

“We know how to work well and rest well. The OMI studio has representative offices in several cities of Ukraine, and we mostly communicate with each other by phone or video conference. It is this kind of joint recreation that brings the team together,” said Igor Ashcheulov, art director of the Association of Masters of Arts of Ukraine.

Rest in the Carpathians

The active position of the masters of the OMI studio carried over to rest. The team did not stay away from organizing and participating in Christmas carols. Skillful hands and indefatigable imagination, as always, came to the rescue. Everything that was available was used. The night before Christmas and the costumed masters will be remembered for a long time by all vacationers of the recreation center in Bukovel.

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