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Studio OMI: Realization of your Advertising Dream in Volumetric Forms.

Something amazing and impressive has happened again in the world of outdoor advertising. OMI Studio, known for its outstanding projects, combined creativity and engineering to create incredible 3D outdoor advertising for Drive Coffee.
This time, the masters and designers of the OMI studio brought to life bright ideas in the form of a huge coffee cup, from which the aroma of steam rises - a symbol of the indescribable taste and atmosphere of the coffee shop. Strategically placed in a prominent position, this oversized coffee cup becomes a work of art, filling the surrounding area with the aroma of coffee and inviting everyone to take a break and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

In addition, the OMI studio did not stop at creating just one impressive element. The second important component of the advertising project was a three-dimensional sign with the inscription “Drive Coffee”. This element not only points the way to the coffee shop, but also attracts attention with its original shape and stylish design.
“We are proud to partner with Drive Coffee and bring their unique style and atmosphere into our work. This project demonstrates our commitment to innovation and inspires us to create extraordinary solutions in the world of outdoor advertising.”

However, this is not the end of the list of possibilities that the OMI studio offers. A team of specialists is ready to bring any client’s ideas into reality, creating individual projects of volumetric outdoor advertising. Studio "OMI" welcomes orders for the production of advertising elements of any complexity, helping brands emphasize their uniqueness and attract the attention of the target audience.
“We invite everyone who is looking for creative and non-standard solutions for outdoor advertising to contact us. OMI Studio is ready to bring even the most daring ideas to life, so that each project becomes a real work of art.”
Studio "OMI" continues to surprise and inspire with its works, creating unique and memorable images that give the urban environment a special charm and brightness.

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