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Masters from the OMI studio painted the walls of the Metrograd shopping center in Kyiv

Over the past few years, one of the most popular types of interior work among the masters of the OMI studio has been artistic wall painting. A correctly selected pattern, its size and color scheme allow you to give the interior decoration of the room the necessary style, add volume or make a zonal demarcation. In addition, artistic painting allows you to hide the existing imperfections of the wall, as well as play up the features of the surface in the plot.

Wall painting

During the autumn of 2015, a major renovation of the premises took place in the Kiev shopping center "Metrograd". In order to complete the image, the management of one of the departments of the Metrograd shopping center turned to the masters of the OMI studio with a request to decorate the walls of the clothing store with the sights of Kiev.

Wall painting

“Such an original solution in the decoration of a retail space allows you to attract the attention of customers. The use of warm colors creates coziness, and the durable coating will protect the painting from mechanical and chemical influence for a long time,” emphasized the performer of the work, master of the OMI studio, Alexandra Skreka.

The painting of the walls was completed within 3 days; a palette of acrylic paints was used in the painting.

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