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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Custom production of art objects and urban compositions.

Studio OMI is pleased to present its new projects for the production of art objects and urban compositions! Our team of creative and experienced professionals works to create innovative and creative solutions for the design of public and private spaces.

Our portfolio includes many projects that we have successfully implemented in various cities of Ukraine. We specialize in creating unique art objects that attract attention and inspire people. Our urban compositions improve the visual appearance of urban spaces and contribute to the development of cultural life.

We work with a variety of materials, including metal, glass, stone, wood and plastic. We create works of art of various shapes and sizes, from small sculptures to large compositions for parks and squares. We use the latest technologies and modern equipment to produce our art objects and urban compositions.

Our OMI studio provides a full cycle of work on the project - from the idea to installation of the object on site. We are ready to accept orders for the creation of art objects and urban compositions of any complexity. We are always open to cooperation with architects, designers, urban planners and private clients.

If you want to create a unique and inimitable space, then contact the OMI studio. Our projects are works of art that will not leave anyone indifferent. We are ready to accept orders for the production of art objects and urban compositions right now!

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OMI studio news

Award statuette for the Rugby Federation
A lion with wings holding a rugby ball with its paw - a series of such award statuettes was created for the Odessa Region Rugby Federation. The master...
Ordering a sculpture of angels for monuments in a cemetery in the workshops of the OMI studio
The sculpture workshop of the OMI studio is engaged in the production of sculptures of angels for monuments in cemeteries throughout Ukraine. The scul...
Production of elite gravestones, ritual sculptures, exclusive monuments, statues, sculptures of angels, busts, custom-made crypts.
Sculptural monuments for the grave are a symbol of the earthly incarnation of a person who has left the world of living people. Sculptural monuments a...
The masters of the OMI studio created a white and green
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The fruits of cooperation between Studio OMI and Feldman Ecopark
Feldman Ecopark is a unique charity project for Ukraine, which symbolizes the relationship between man and the animal world, teaches to love and prote...


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