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Masters of "OMI": mosaic is complex and beautiful

For the masters of the OMI studio, nothing is impossible when it comes to art and creativity. Artistic mosaic is a sophisticated form of fine art, complex in its execution. After all, the image of a mosaic panel is formed from thousands of small colored elements, which are arranged and fixed on the surface by the artist. These elements, as a rule, are multi-colored stones, smalt, ceramic tiles, glass and other materials.

The result of the arrangement of these materials is an unsurpassed work of art that fascinates with its beauty. It’s hard to believe, but this type of fine art is more than 5 thousand years old, and to this day mosaic remains the most sophisticated and sophisticated way of decorating houses and buildings.

The OMI studio team consists of experienced craftsmen who carry out orders for the production of artistic mosaics at a high level. Because this is a difficult job, it requires attention and diligence, because a high-quality mosaic is distinguished not only by its beauty, but also by its resistance to environmental factors. Studio "OMI" guarantees the quality of work of its craftsmen.

You can make sure that OMI creates masterpieces by looking at the company's portfolio. One of the large orders for the production of artistic mosaics was completed by OMI masters on the roof of one of the high-rise buildings in Kyiv. It was a series of mosaic panels depicting girls who personify spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The four mosaic panels are based on the works of the Czech painter, one of the most famous representatives of the Art Nouveau style, Alphonse Mucha. The result of the work of the OMI artists exceeded expectations; the mosaic turned out to be rich in colors and sophisticated.

The masters of the OMI studio offer services for decorating halls, offices, residential premises, bathrooms, swimming pools with mosaics - depending on the theme of the image, the mosaic will in any case become a luxurious decoration, because it is difficult to describe in words how the colored elements of the mosaic shimmer in the rays light.

Mosaic panels based on individual sketches, custom-made artistic mosaics, mosaic paintings of any theme, mosaic decoration of decorative and interior items - OMI masters will fulfill orders of any complexity and volume.

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