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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
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Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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You can save a life

A life-size puppet is an indispensable assistant at a party

The production of life-size puppets to order allows you to create a unique atmosphere for the event. Children's parties, corporate parties, photo shoots, city events, promotions, advertising events - this is a small list of events where life-size suits can be useful.

The OMI studio offers the production of life-size puppets to order directly for your holiday. Our experienced craftsmen sew dolls of fairy tale and cartoon characters, advertising and corporate characters, heroes of games and science fiction films - any of your ideas will be embodied in high-quality textiles.

As ​​it happened with the sale of the life-size doll “Star” for one of the Ukrainian companies. The suit is made for promotional events and promotions according to individual customer designs.
Ordering life-size dolls with an individual approach to clients and delivery throughout Ukraine. Create the holiday of your dreams together with the OMI studio.

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