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Order New Year and Christmas photo zones from the OMI studio

There is very little time left before the Christmas and New Year holidays, so it’s time to start preparing for this wonderful event. To make the preparation process easier, the OMI studio has prepared several interesting proposals for its customers.
Making custom Christmas and New Year photo zones is a great way to decorate the holiday and make it unforgettable. As a rule, photo zones consist of a background, a stand and themed decorations. For example, OMI masters offer the production of New Year's photo zones in the style of your favorite Christmas movie or cartoon. Such a photo zone will be decorated with three-dimensional figures of the main characters from the film. Or make a New Year's photo zone that will reflect the theme of the corporate party, for example, in the style of a gangster party or a festive ball.

For business owners, the OMI studio offers the creation of branded Christmas photo zones for placement in shopping centers and entertainment complexes. In the background of such a photo zone, you can place the company’s logo, its slogan, and decorate it in a New Year’s style.

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