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Volume advertising for successful promotion

The era of advertising continues to develop and progress at a tremendous pace. It’s difficult to stand out among thousands of bright signs and lightboxes, but the masters of the OMI company know the secret of a successful advertising campaign, which is why they specialize in the production of voluminous advertising. This type of advertising media has a much higher efficiency rate than two-dimensional advertising. After all, voluminous advertising is distinguished by visibility, durability and good audience perception. Moreover, modern materials and technologies make it possible to create, without exaggeration, advertising masterpieces.

The masters of the OMI studio offer services for the production of volumetric advertising to order of any complexity. This can be a three-dimensional figure of a character in an advertising campaign or an advertised product. In the studio’s portfolio, you can pay attention to the recent order of the eco-company “Shabskaya Farm”, for which OMI sculptors made a plastic sculpture of a cow with cheese. Modern technologies also make it possible to produce three-dimensional figures that will be accompanied by movement, sound and light effects.

In addition, the OMI company practices the production of three-dimensional logos to order. For example, quite recently, at the request of the company, the masters of the OMI studio produced a three-dimensional figure of the logo. This figure exactly repeated the two-dimensional image of the trademark, only enlarged several times and having a three-dimensional shape. The production of three-dimensional signs and letters follows the same principle.

In the process of producing three-dimensional figures, as a rule, both light and durable materials are used. Thus, the OMI company offers custom-made 3D foam and plastic advertising. Thanks to the high-quality coating, products from OMI craftsmen remain in excellent shape for quite a long time, regardless of the influence of environmental factors.

When planning an advertising campaign, take care of the rational use of your budget. Same type billboards and city lights are inferior to voluminous advertising, which will last many times longer and be more reliable. You can order volumetric advertising made of plastic and foam plastic from the OMI company from anywhere in Ukraine and Europe. We guarantee an individual approach to each client.

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