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The art of wood carving from OMI masters

How to make your home cozy and luxurious? Most designers are confident – that it is carved wooden products that give the interior perfection and grace. This is not surprising, because wood carvings have been decorating homes for many centuries and are becoming more perfect every day. Of course, patterns and colors change, tastes change, but the sophistication inherent in carved products remains unchanged. 

Tree – it is a natural and pure material. When the hand of a talented and experienced master touches it,  wood turns into a work of art. The principle of decorating with carvings is widely used to create pilasters, arches, panels.  The frames of paintings and mirrors, windows, doors and any furniture are also decorated with carvings.

Naturally, decorate your home with carved items -  the pleasure is not cheap. Therefore, it is very important to find an experienced craftsman who will complete the order at the highest level, meeting your tastes and expectations.

OMI Studio has already taken care of this and has united the most reliable and talented craftsmen. Custom carved items are made by a member of the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine, master artist Vasily Bevz, who has 18 years of experience in manufacturing  artistic wood products. “I create absolutely all carved products by hand. – explains Vasily Bevs –  These are original works that are created according to the wishes of the customer.

You can say that thanks to my customers I am growing professionally. After all, as a rule, people come up with non-standard ideas, after implementation, which result in exclusive works of art. 

Vasily Bevz is engaged in furniture design, figured and textured carving, and production of interior and artistic wood products to order. Working with different types of wood, he creates products both according to his own sketches and those of the customer.

But most importantly, the works of Vasily Bevz are not like any others, because the entire process of creating a carved product is done by hand, painstakingly and with consistency. “Let’s say a customer wants to decorate an old stone fireplace with carvings. – talks about the process of order implementation Vasily Bevz –

When creating a sketch, I take into account the overall interior of the room and the personal wishes of the owner of the house.  As a rule, I offer the customer several options, and he then chooses from the whole variety what he likes.

Next I prepare the final sketch and get to work. The customer can completely entrust me with the work, and as a result will receive a finished product.

The entire process of creating a product occurs individually, for me the most important thing is that the customer is satisfied and returns to our studio with new ideas and wishes. 

Despite the fact that the art of wood carving has a long history, this type of decorative art combines perfectly with modern styles and trends. Moreover, new trends in interior design make carved wooden products shine in a new way, remaining as luxurious and majestic as in the royal palaces of the 18th century. “Modern trends combine perfectly with classical works. – the master is sure – It is the carved wood accent in a modern interior that always attracts attention.”  

 Custom wood carvings are sure to be the highlight of any interior. Especially when there is a piece of art in the house made directly by the hands of the artist.tera – This is no longer just a piece of furniture, but – a status item that will be appreciated.  The masters of the OMI studio make to order not just decorative elements, but real works of art. 

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