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Vacuum forming and production of molds in the OMI studio

OMI studio is constantly expanding the boundaries of its capabilities. Now our company offers the service of producing products using plastic molding. This is a modern technology that allows the production of three-dimensional plastic products with complex surface topography.

Vacuum forming and mold making

The masters of the OMI studio have perfectly mastered this method and now, with the help of specialized molding machines, they produce products of any complexity: sculptures, artistic products, stands for goods, packaging containers and containers, advertising carriers and signs, reception desks, fragments of car tuning, as well as housings for various types of transport (cars, buses, planes, yachts, and so on).

Vacuum forming and mold making

That is, after processing plastic and other thermoplastic materials, you can get many different products that are used in almost any industry.
Advantages of cooperation with the OMI studio:

  • large selection of materials;
  • professional approach;
  • Own production;
  • fast calculation and production of forms;
  • Quality guarantee on all products.

Today, custom plastic molding is one of the most promising areas in the production of plastic products. This option is very convenient for the customer, because he can control all stages of production and as a result receives exactly what he needs.

Vacuum forming and mold making

You can order a plastic molding service and get more detailed advice by calling the phone numbers listed on the website.

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