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Bronze sculpture of a boy. Studio "OMI" created a thematic sculpture for the new planetarium in the Dnieper

Very soon a new planetarium will open in Dnepr, and it is for this object that the masters of the OMI Studio have created a real work of art. A bronze sculpture of a boy holding a globe on his small palm has become a real decoration of the new complex.

Bronze sculpture of a boy

The sculpture made of bronze impresses with its detail: the boy’s facial features, his arms and legs, the rocket, the metrics on the Earth - all these elements amaze with their realism. It is important to note that the masters

Bronze sculpture of a boy

OMI studios produced the sculpture based only on the customer’s idea. The design, manufacture of the product, as well as the installation of the finished sculpture were carried out directly by our company’s employees. As a result, the customer received not just a decoration for the future planetarium, but also a real work of art, which the residents and guests of the Dnieper will very soon fall in love with.

Bronze sculpture of a boy

The OMI studio is ready to fulfill any creative ideas of the customer. Bright art objects to order, production of sculptures from bronze or natural stone, production of statues from marble, granite or plaster, production of any figures from modern materials such as plastic, fiberglass and so on. Products made in the OMI workshop can be found in different parts of Ukraine, and it is very easy to recognize them, because they are incredibly beautiful.

Bronze sculpture of a boy

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