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Looking into the distance, a garden and park sculpture made of glass plastic with bronze tinting from the sculptors of the OMI studio

The sculptural workshop of the OMI Studio created a garden and park sculptural composition of a person, made of fiberglass. “Sculpture Looking into the Distance”

This human sculpture was made to order in the workshops of the OMI studio with surface spraying of “liquid bronze” material imitating bronze. The base of the sculpture is made of fiberglass - a type of composite plastic materials consisting of glass fiber filler such as glass fiber or quartz fiber and a binder (thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers).

Looking into the distance, garden and park sculpture made of glass plastic

This material is lightweight, weather-resistant and durable. Such structures are not difficult to rearrange when necessary. For outdoor use, the model is mounted on a base made of metal. This significantly strengthens the structure and allows it to resist vandals and various adverse weather conditions.

Looking into the distance, garden and park sculpture made of glass plastic

The workshop of the OMI studio has been creating custom-made sculptures of people, sculptures of animals, various sculptural figures and art objects for more than 10 years.
For consultation and ordering a sculpture, you can call the studio numbers on our website.

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