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Monuments to memory: events and heroes

The history of any country includes different events. Heroic deeds of citizens and tragic incidents always occur on the path of development of the state, but it is these events that strengthen the national spirit. And it is very important not to miss familiar moments in your history and capture the memory of them.

The development and production of memorial monuments in the OMI studio is an integrated approach to the project. The team of craftsmen offers the creation of unique designs and production of monuments of any subject: historical episodes, heroic and military exploits, tragic events.

Experienced and talented sculptors of OMI will create a real work of art that will surely touch the hearts of everyone. Products are made from both classic (marble, sandstone, bronze, granite) and modern materials (polyester resin).

An individual approach to the project allows us to calculate the optimal cost that will satisfy the customer.

The portfolio of the OMI studio includes a number of memorial sculptures created based on historical events, for example, several monuments to the heroes of the ATO were produced and installed in the cities of Ukraine.

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