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Custom ceiling art painting

Hand-painted ceiling in the Empire style - such a unique experience was gained by the artists of the OMI studio. The implementation of the project for interior decoration in an antique style was completely entrusted to the masters of the OMI studio.

Custom ceiling art painting

As ​​conceived by the authors, it is the luxurious ceiling painting framed by gilded stucco molding that should become an expressive accent of the space. The artists of the OMI studio studied many historical samples in different directions to create the ideal sketch that will harmoniously complement the interior, but will not draw attention to itself. The result impressed not only the customers, but also experienced craftsmen, because the painting turned out to be truly authentic and unobtrusive, and at the same time added a special charm to the interior.

Custom ceiling art painting

Developing an artistic painting is a complex process, because it is very important to create a connected space in which each object carries its own meaning. The OMI studio employs professional artists who are well versed in the subtleties of interior design. They know exactly how to create the desired effect using painting, giving the interior unique features without overloading it.

Custom ceiling art painting

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