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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Masters of their craft - "OMI"

The Studio of United Masters of Art "OMI" is a team of experienced, young and enterprising people whose life is based on creativity: painting, architecture, sculpture, props, all types of design, graphics, advertising, layout and much more. Teamwork, mutual assistance, and constant professional development allow us to complete any task, find non-standard solutions, and take a comprehensive approach to the task. This significantly reduces the order completion time. Our work is based on the principle of listening and hearing the client.

We work in our own workshops and on location. The masters of the OMI studio did a wonderful job; a special bank card design was developed for the Platon company in a fairly short time. A creative approach, excellent quality materials and loyal communication with the customer - yielded results! For your attention our common creation:


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OMI studio news

The characters from the game “Wazamba” came to life in the OMI studio
The masters of the OMI studio completed a large order for the production of elements of the presentation area for the German company 7 StarsPartners....
Art director of the OMI studio: Recreation unites
One ​​of the first joint vacations of the OMI studio team was a vacation in the village. Chernomorka, located near Odessa. Wild beaches, warm seas and...
Bronze sculpture of a boy. Studio "OMI" created a thematic sculpture for the new planetarium in the Dnieper
Very soon a new planetarium will open in Dnepr, and it is for this object that the masters of the OMI Studio have created a real work of art. A bronze...
The masters of the OMI studio sewed costumes for the performance of the winners of the TV show "Maidence-3"
The masters of the OMI studio sewed costumes for the participants of the Krivoy Rog team of the all-Ukrainian dance show "Maidans-3". “The choreogr...
Cartoon figurine “Under Sail”
Ordering a cartoon figurine from the OMI studio is an excellent solution if you want to make a truly non-standard gift. Such exclusive figurines based...


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