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OMI artists drew 100 cartoons of Shooters Cafe visitors

In early autumn 2015, the masters of the OMI studio were invited to the Kiev Shooters Cafe to fulfill a very unusual order. The originality of the work lay in the fact that the artists had to draw caricatures of cafe regulars directly on the walls of the establishment. For this purpose, the most visited days were chosen - Friday and Saturday. Working from life, the masters of the OMI studio were able not only to give a portrait likeness to the caricatures, but also to convey in their work the general emotional coloring of the establishment - it is always fun here and an atmosphere of friendship reigns.

Wall painting

“We drew more than 100 caricatures of visitors. It was very difficult to let so many people pass through you in just 2 days, to find their uniqueness in each one. But it was also incredibly interesting. This is the case when you get pleasure from being tired,” emphasized Dmitry Tarasenko, master of the OMI studio.

Wall painting

According to the cafe's visitors, whose images decorate the walls of the establishment, they now go to Shooters Cafe twice as often because they have to live up to the status of "regulars." In addition, they regularly bring their friends here to admire the cartoon together.

Wall painting

Having decided to update the interior appearance of the cafe, you should think about implementing such creative moments in the interior. And the masters of the OMI studio will always help you with this.

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