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The masters of the OMI studio created a three-dimensional figure of the superhero Mackeeper for the Kromtech Alliance company

One ​​of the most memorable works for the masters of the OMI studio was the transformation into a material image in 2014 of the virtual symbol of the Mackeeper software product, developed by Kromtech Alliance.

“This was the first experience in creating an articulated three-dimensional figure of such complexity. We had to calculate the load of the hinges and implement everything in such a way that in any position of the arms and head the figure would maintain balance. What works on paper doesn't always work in life. Only experimentally we achieved excellent results. At the same time, production deadlines were not violated. For 2 years now, the figure of the superhero Mackeeper has been standing steadily at the entrance to the company’s office,” said Bogdan Kazachenko, art director of the OMI studio.


The three-dimensional figure is made entirely by hand according to the image of the virtual hero provided by the developer company: the main parts are cut out by OMI studio craftsmen from foam plastic, covered with plastic on top and painted with automotive paints. The parts are connected to each other by hinges, and they are illuminated with LEDs, which draws attention to the figure of the Mackeeper superhero and, accordingly, to the software itself. Bogdan Kazachenko noted that the studio provided a five-year guarantee for the manufactured three-dimensional figure, but with careful use it can last for decades.

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