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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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The Association of Artists of Ukraine provides talented artists with an excellent opportunity to sell their works. We can become an excellent exhibition platform for your paintings, which will help you present them to a wide audience of art connoisseurs and find your buyers.

In this section you can upload your works. In order for your paintings to appear in our gallery and become available to site visitors, you must submit a request for moderation. The request must also be sent if you have added new works.

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OMI studio news

The Lexus car dealership and the OMI studio remind you of the need to change your tires
Many companies operating in the Ukrainian market have appreciated the effect that voluminous advertising produces, especially if it is done creatively...
The characters from the game “Wazamba” came to life in the OMI studio
The masters of the OMI studio completed a large order for the production of elements of the presentation area for the German company 7 StarsPartners....
The masters of the OMI studio created a white and green
In the spring of 2015, representatives of the KLO gas station chain contacted the OMI studio: the company's management decided to expand the range of...
New project of TC "Inter" - interviews with interesting people
The Inter TV channel has launched a new series of programs in which TV presenter Oksana Borba communicates with interesting Ukrainians - prominent rep...
Memorial sculptures for dogs, production of memorial sculptures of animals to order.
Unfortunately, the life of pets is not so long, and every dog ​​owner has to experience the loss of a pet. This is the reality. But everyone can prese...


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