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OMI created a memorial plaque to the famous oncologist. Production of memorial plaques to order.

The production of custom memorial plaques is a complex and labor-intensive process. Studio "OMI", specializing in the creation of fine art, has many years of experience in the manufacture of products from bronze, natural stone and polymers. These are the materials most often used in the manufacture of memorial plaques.

production of memorial plaques from bronze

In May 2021, another board was installed in Kyiv, which was created in the OMI workshop. The commemorative item is dedicated to the famous oncologist Oleg Remennik, who headed the Kiev Regional Oncology Clinic for 18 years. It was on the façade of this institution that the memorial plaque was placed. The product is made of bronze and represents a three-dimensional portrait of a doctor.

production of bronze memorial plaques

The OMI studio offers the production of memorial plaques made of bronze and plastic to order. For each order, an exclusive sketch is developed that corresponds to the description of the person to whom the product is dedicated. Ordering memorial plaques in Ukraine is carried out throughout the country with delivery to the specified address. More detailed information is provided on an individual basis.

production of bronze memorial plaques

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