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Cartoon figurine based on the photo “Duke”

OMI studio clients know how to make non-standard gifts for their friends and family. Cartoon figurine based on the photo “Duke” - an order that was created in the OMI studio. The figurine is based on the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas, and to create the image our craftsmen needed literally a couple of photographs of the person depicted.

Cartoon figurine based on the photo of Duke

The product is made of polyurethane and hand-tinted with paints, the pedestal is made of marble and decorated with a commemorative plaque with engraving. Do you think the hero of the occasion was surprised by such a gift? We can confidently answer: “Yes!”

Cartoon figurine based on the photo of Duke

Custom caricature figurines are a win-win option for a non-standard gift, which is created individually for a specific person. That is why such a gift will be relevant for any celebration, be it an anniversary, professional holiday or other important event.

Cartoon figurine based on the photo of Duke

Cartoon figurines are suitable as gifts for family and friends, as well as work colleagues, business partners and bosses. The subject of the product is selected individually based on the person’s interests and hobbies.

Cartoon figurine based on the photo of Duke

You can order a cartoon figurine from the OMI studio using any convenient method of communication.

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