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You can save a life

Memorial sculptures for dogs, production of memorial sculptures of animals to order.

Unfortunately, the life of pets is not so long, and every dog ​​owner has to experience the loss of a pet. This is the reality. But everyone can preserve the memory of their pet.

dog sculpture

A dog owner who recently lost their faithful friend approached Studio OMI with this order. Having a hard time experiencing the loss, they decided to perpetuate the memory of their pet in sculpture.

dog sculpture

Using the photo of the animal, the studio’s craftsmen accurately recreated the image of the dog. The product was made of plastic and tinted by hand. Now the sculpture of the animal is located in the house in the place where the dog liked to sleep. She keeps in herself the memory of a kind and affectionate dog who cordially greeted her owners at the doorstep.

dog sculpture

Studio "OMI" offers the production of commemorative animal sculptures to order. Detailed information on ordering and price is provided during consultation.

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