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The OMI company decorated the New Year holidays in Zhitomir

For the New Year holidays, the OMI company created figures of fairy-tale heroes that will decorate the central square in the city of Zhitomir.

Photo installations with sculptures of fairy-tale characters were located on the square named after. Korolyov and became a real surprise for the residents of Zhitomir for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The sculptors of the OMI studio created seven figures of characters, including the well-known images of the Cossacks from the cartoon of the same name. All products are made of dense foam, coated with acrylic paints and polyester resin.

The strength of the sculpture is given by the metal frame that underlies the products. Such sculptures are not afraid of snow, frost, or rain. The implementation of this large order took a month and a half of painstaking work.

“We were very pleased that we got the opportunity to work with the city of Zhitomir and participate in the decoration of the New Year holidays. - noted the art director of the OMI company Bogdan Kozachenko - The sculptures that we created are colorful and quite recognizable to both children and adults. For many, these are their favorite New Year’s characters.”

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