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The sculpture workshop of the OMI studio produces custom-made sculptures.

The sculpture workshop of the OMI studio produces custom-made sculptures. Custom sculpture is the process of creating an individual sculpture commissioned by a specific customer.

This could be a sculpture of a person, animal, object or abstract form that the customer wants to create for his own purposes.

The process of creating a custom sculpture in the OMI studio usually begins with a consultation between the customer and the sculptor who will create the sculpture.

At this stage, the customer usually discusses his ideas and requirements that he wants to embody in the sculpture, and the artist offers his recommendations and concepts.

Once the concept has been approved, the artist creates sketches and 3D models that depict what the final product will look like. The customer can make changes and additions if necessary to ensure that the sculpture meets his expectations.

Once the final design has been approved, the artist begins work on the sculpture. It can be made of various materials, such as plaster, stone, metal, bronze, wood, or plastic, depending on the desired effect.

Creating a sculpture usually takes a long time and requires skill and experience to create a high quality and attractive product.

After the sculpture is created and ready in the workshops of the OMI studio, it can be delivered to the customer or installed at a location provided by the customer.

Custom sculpture can be a wonderful addition to any interior, and it can also serve as a monument, memorial plaque or other form of monument.

To place an order for the production of a sculpture, you can contact any of the numbers listed on our website.

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