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Interior gilding from OMI craftsmen

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Interior gilding

Stucco decoration with color schemes, mother-of-pearl, oxidation, patina, bitumen., stucco production, production of exclusive stucco decoration, relief, bas-relief, interior stucco decoration, exterior stucco decoration, stained glass production or false stained glass, artistic painting of stucco

The specialists of the OMI studio are engaged in gilding any surfaces with gold leaf, including glass and metal. Gilding looks amazing on forged products, stucco decoration, decorative elements, and we would really like to cooperate with you, if of course this is possible.

Our craftsmen are the best specialists in this field. We offer a large selection of all kinds of decorative effects and design options.

Also, the masters of the OMI studio develop and produce exclusive decorative elements and interior details. We approach each product completely individually.

Interior gilding

We can give ordinary furniture an expensive and exclusive look. We will turn standard furniture, doors, tables, cabinets, cupboards, chests of drawers, chairs, mirror cabinets, window frames and other interior elements into original, exquisite and expensive things that will delight you and your guests.

After all, in modern interior design, gilding serves the same purpose: creating an exquisite color and a solemn elite atmosphere. It should be noted that gilding can be done using various technologies - glossy gilding, matte gilding, gilding with an antique patina, which will give the product a noble shade and shine.

It is also worth drawing your attention to the fact that gilding is used not only in interiors made in classical styles, with a lot of stucco decoration, elaborate furniture and chandeliers, but also in more modernized options, such as Art Deco and High-Tech, because nothing will stop you from silvering the frame of your mirror or giving a more refined and expensive look to the facades of your furniture or panels.

Interior gilding

And in more baroque versions, a gold pattern or ornament made of gold leaf or gold leaf on ceilings, furniture or walls will add splendor, sophistication and luxury to your interior. After all, gilding and patination are a wonderful decoration for the interior, giving it harmonious integrity and completeness.

And our masters will do everything possible and impossible to ensure that the result pleases both us and you!

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