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Studio of United Art Masters of Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv
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Studio "OMI": Turn your dreams into reality with our topiary figures!

Do you want to add bright accents to your interior or exterior, or decorate your event with unique decorative elements? Studio "OMI" is your reliable partner in the world of art and design from artificial turf!

artificial grass topiary figures

What we offer:

Topiary Figures: We make unique topiary figures that will look great in any interior. From classic shapes to bold design solutions.

artificial grass topiary figures

Animal Figures:Live up your home or holiday event with our animal figures. Cats, dogs, birds - we create them with love for detail.

artificial grass topiary figures

Human Figures:Human shapes or just stylish silhouettes - let your ideas take shape.

artificial grass topiary figures

Art Objects: Our craftsmen are ready to bring your creative ideas to life. Abstract compositions, symbolic images - nothing is impossible!

artificial grass topiary figures

Why choose OMI:

  • Individual Approach: We work on each order individually, taking into account your preferences and ideas.
  • Quality and Durability: Our figures are made from high quality materials, are durable and have excellent resistance to external influences.
  • Creativity and Uniqueness: We set ourselves the task of making each work unique and inimitable, giving it your individual touch.
  • Don't miss the chance to make your home or event unique with topiary figures from the OMI studio. Contact us today and transform your world with our works of art!

Make your choice in favor of OMI - we will turn your dreams into reality!

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OMI studio news

Bust to order
Making busts from a photo or from a model to order in the OMI studio is a guarantee that the final result of the product will please you with aestheti...
Production of plastic masks to order
In the OMI studio you can order the development and production of custom masks. Plastic masks of heroes of films, computer games, cartoons and fairy t...
Studio "OMI" created a sculpture of Bob Snail
Bob Snail, a well-known Ukrainian brand of healthy sweets, has become a client of the OMI studio. Our sculptors created a sculpture of an already belo...
Life-size fox puppet for school All right, sewing life-size puppets.
Little fox puppet for the All right school The friendly little fox Charlie is a character that is well known to all students of the “All right” Englis...
The Alley of Lovers is open in Kamenskoye.
On July 9, 2016, in Kamensky (Dneprodzerzhinsk), on the occasion of the celebration of Family Day, the grand opening of the Alley of Lovers took place...


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