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The masters of the OMI studio made a landscape model of Holy Mount Athos

The masters of the OMI studio, commissioned by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, created a unique landscape model of Holy Mount Athos. The length of the layout is 4 meters, width is 2.5 meters.

Layout of Holy Mount Athos

Specialists from the Association of Artists of Ukraine completely restored the landscape of the peninsula with all the existing infrastructure. The breadboard is made of plastic using various breadboard materials and conductors. And the water ripples and the depth of the sea were conveyed using polyester resin. All 20 Athos monasteries with their numerous temples and buildings are “electrified”, and with the “fall of darkness” you can see the flickering lights in the windows of the monastic monasteries.

Layout of Holy Mount Athos

“Our task was to present this holy place to people in such a way that even those who have not been to Mount Athos will have the feeling that they have been there. The masters tried to convey in the model not only the spiritual richness of the peninsula, but also its real dynamics - everything moves here, Athos lives, has its own government and laws, tourists and pilgrims come and go on boats and ships every day. And, according to the customer, we succeeded,” emphasized Bogdan Kazachenko, art director of the OMI studio.

Layout of Holy Mount Athos

Bogdan noted that working on the model of Mount Athos was extremely interesting, since models of this level of complexity - the thousandth landscape model - are rarely ordered. Architectural models of new buildings are mainly in demand. Despite the painstaking work required (all the trees were made in small groups and planted by hand) and the long-term nature of the project, the craftsmen received great pleasure from the work done and positive feedback from the customer. A model of Mount Athos is presented in one of the church museums of Orthodox culture.

Layout of Holy Mount Athos


The eastern part of the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki juts out into the Aegean Sea for 60 km. Thanks to its mountainous landscape, this entire area of ​​335 square meters. km received the name Holy Mount Athos (in Greek Athos): the mountain originates at the isthmus of the peninsula, where it has a small height, and then, rising upward, reaches its apogee at around 2033 meters.

According to the biblical account, Mary, sailing past the peninsula on a ship, was so fascinated by Athos that she asked the Lord for these lands for herself. Since then, Athos has become a refuge for those who strive for salvation and trust in the Almighty. Already in the 5th century, the first monasteries began to appear here. Once there were 40 of them, where about 40,000 monks lived. Today, on Holy Mount Athos there are 20 monasteries and about 1,500 brothers live.

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