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You can save a life

Studio "OMI" joined the all-Ukrainian project "Ukrainians at Once"

The masters of the OMI studio joined the project of the All-Ukrainian organization of ATO participants “Ukrainians at once.”

Each owner of the “Ukrainians at Once” card receives a 15% discount on goods and services provided by the OMI studio.

We can offer the cardholder:

- making a monument to ATO soldiers;

- production of a memorial plaque to an ATO participant;

- making a tombstone for someone killed in the ATO;

- making a monument for the grave;

- painting a portrait.

Many military personnel, after serving in eastern Ukraine, return to civilian life and open their own businesses. The masters of the OMI studio provide a discount to holders of “Ukrainians at a Time” cards on the creation of advertising sculptures, three-dimensional advertising, three-dimensional letters, the design of shop windows or thematic areas in the sales area, the creation of props, the painting of murals, wall painting, the design of bas-relief/relief and much more, which can help attract customers and promote business.

“OMI studio provides a huge range of services. As a public organization, we develop cooperation with political parties, volunteer and public organizations, including those involved in providing assistance to the Ukrainian army and ATO soldiers. Of course, each of us has our own mission and tasks, but we are all united by a single goal - to become part of the all-Ukrainian movement of people who appreciate the feat of our fighters in the east of Ukraine,” said Igor Ascheulov, art director of the OMI studio< /p>

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