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Cartoon figurine “Knight’s move”, gift figurines based on photos to order.

OMI Studio knows how to make a unique and unforgettable gift and will be happy to help you with this difficult task. The “Knight's Move” figurine was made in the OMI studio as a birthday gift.

According to the client’s idea, the main emphasis in the product should indicate the hobby of the hero of the day, and this is a passion for playing chess. Also in this product is the meaning that this person has extraordinary thinking and always finds interesting ways to solve problems. A cartoon figurine based on a photo is an interesting gift, because it is created in the image of a specific person and it is more than a souvenir, it is a gift with meaning.

Studio "OMI" offers the production of gift figurines based on photos to order. The uniqueness of such a gift is due to the fact that each such figurine is made in a single copy. The product is formed from plastic by hand - this is delicate and painstaking work. The stand for the figurine is usually made of marble, which gives it good stability. The pedestal can also be decorated with a metal plate with an engraved congratulation or the date of the event.

Production of cartoon figurines, gift and souvenir figurines, as well as custom award figurines. Our designers create unique sketches of products that combine all the necessary semantic elements. For example, for corporate events, figurines are designed in accordance with the brand's style, and for sports competitions, in accordance with the type of sport and the corporate design of the sports federation.

You can order a cartoon figurine or consult on the production of souvenir and gift figurines by contacting our managers, who will provide comprehensive information about cooperation with the OMI studio.

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